Healing Properties of Cherry & Emerald Tanzurine *

Cherry Tanzurine

Cherry Tanzurine is a recent discovery on the African continent. This is a Natural Cherry Quartz. The name Tanzurine is a Trademarked name given to the stone by Ariel Treasures LLC, the company involved with mining the stone in cooperation with the local Villagers. The Stone is a combination of the elements earth and fire. It works in the physical realm vigorously and assists with transformation.

Cherry Tanzurine is a stone of vitality, confidence, creativity and sexuality, with reports of increased libido. The Stone makes one decisive and tenacious, stimulates perception and creativity and motivates you to make your dreams a reality. Cherry Tanzurine gives you the feeling that you can handle the world, helps you to overcome problems and to persevere in difficult situations. Cherry Tanzurine helps you reach your highest purpose and live your ideals, deal with conflicts and show if you've strayed from the highest path. The stone also makes sure that you can forgive yourself and make fun of your shortcomings. This powerful stone strengthens the prana flow, or the life force, so you have more energy again. Cherry Tanzurine enhances the blood and allows the production of white blood cells, promotes and helps regulate blood flow. It also helps balance the immune system. Supports the liver and helps with detoxification. Very nice to work with the Emerald Tanzurine as the stones work complementary with each other.

* Taken from Internet sources in several languages: Offered here for informational purposes only, not for medical or health related advice.

Emerald Tanzurine

Emerald Tanzurine recently discovered in Africa. This is a very pure Green quartz. It's a protective and calming stone that produces a feeling of well-being. Brings yin and yang in balance. Emerald Tanzurine is a stone of prosperity. This special rock acts on the heart chakra, helping you to make your dreams come true. It will help you to live from your own heart, brings balance and protects the heart chakra. It promotes tolerance, patience, enthusiasm, empathy and individuality. Emerald Tanzurine protects against electromagnetic radiation such as those of mobile phones and computers. It's a very positive stone that can be used as protection from cosmic rays or electro-magnetic fields. It strengthens leadership and decisiveness, promotes compassion and empathy and encourages perseverance. It takes you to the past and gives one insight into the causes of trauma. The stone helps with stuttering and neuroses by understanding the underlying causes of the disorder. It stimulates perception to see alternatives and options, especially by what is being revealed to you. Emerald Tanzurine promotes persistence, decisiveness and creativity. Assists with emotional Recovery . It is supportive for the heart, Thymus, connective tissue and the nervous system. It helps to normalize blood pressure and stimulates the metabolism. It helps to lower cholesterol levels and is supportive for the arteries and the heart. It offers support with inflammation, rash and skin allergies, relieves migraine headaches and soothes the eyes.

* Taken from Internet sources in several languages: Offered here for informational purposes only, not for medical or health related advice.

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